Tips on How to Keep Your Baby Fashionably Styled

Some of the most popular influencers on Instagram are kids showcasing fashion trends that even surpass those of their adult counterparts. These tots, whether on their own, with their siblings or twin, have followers ranging from a few thousand to over three million and they melt your heart as they ooze cuteness, creativity, and style. They concentrate not only on choosing their clothing but put the whole look together with accessories, including baby sunglasses which play a huge role in how they each present us with their own identity. 

Style does not need to cost a lot, and there are many retailers that sell the cutest children’s clothes and accessories at very good prices. Scour the internet for ideas and shop around, you don’t have to spend a fortune to have a trendy baby. 

One of the greatest challenges is getting your children to wear the clothes you have picked for them. Not all children will allow you to dress them as you want and some can be particularly fussy from a young age, preferring to wear the same old outfit repeatedly. Believe us, every parent has had one of those children!!

Follow these tips for a stylishly dressed baby that is also comfortable:

Comfort comes first 

It is essential that every child feels comfortable in their clothes otherwise they get irritated and banish these clothes to the back of their closet refusing to wear them. Young tots need to have the ability to move and bend when dressed and not feel that their clothes are ill-fitting or pinching them. Your children should try everything first before you buy them. 

Take your child’s personality into account

Don’t take it for granted that your little girl wants to wear pink tutus all the time, or that your little boy wants to wear sports clothing only. Take their personality into account when making their clothing choices. If your child is more outgoing and then you choose those bright colors and stripes. On the other hand, choose placid colors if they don’t like attention drawn to them. Girls can be tomboys and boys can be bookworms, make sure that your choices don’t make them self-conscious but that they are always at ease and comfortable. 

Give them room to choose

As they start forming their own opinion, usually when they hit the toddler stage, children often start dressing themselves and have strong opinions. Allow them to choose their outfits, even if they mismatch them. This allows them to increase their independence while you can also observe what clothes they prefer to wear. To prevent them from rummaging through their wardrobe and creating a mess, choose a few items for them and let them choose how they want to match them up. 

Personalized items

This is a cute idea for giving your children a style that is completely their own. You can personalize blouses, jackets, satchels and other accessories with their name, a monogram or even a symbol that you can create together, and let them stand out. 

Accessories are a great styling asset

Children love the freedom of adding accessories to their style, and they usually have an uncanny ability to pull a whole look together. Give them the choice from a wide range of hats, scarves, gloves and pretty jewelry items. 

Convenient and affordable sunglasses

One of the coolest accessories and most needed for protection, together with hats, are sunglasses. There is a huge variety of excellent baby sunglasses available that offer all the protection that their precious eyes will need without breaking the bank. As your child approaches the age of two, you can let them also have a choice in the frame.       

Look at the huge online range available at Cocosand and choose from a full range of baby sunglasses to ensure that even the youngest baby is stylishly protected when leaving the house. 

 The baby sunglasses in the collection start from age 0 and the collection also includes stylish sunglasses for your older children. To prevent your very young baby from ripping the sunglasses off they come with an adjustable neoprene elastic strap allowing them to stay on. All the sunglasses in the range have 100% UVA and UVB blocking lenses and Cocosand has one of the biggest collections of frames on the market that are both affordable and durable. 

Summer is fast approaching and as everyone starts hitting the outdoors again prepare your baby to make a stylish and fashionable appearance with stunning outfits, gorgeous accessories and a pair of modern and captivating baby sunglasses. 

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