Does Your Baby Need to Wear Sunglasses?

You probably wear sunglasses when you go out during the day. If you have older children, the chances are that you have also bought them sunglasses and insist that they wear them whenever they go outdoors. Even though everyone knows how difficult it is getting babies to keep those sunglasses on, the answer to the question of whether your baby needs sunglasses is, yes. Sunglasses are important for your baby because they will help to protect his future vision. 

Even within their mother’s wombs, fetuses turn away from a source of lights and newborns often close their eyes when they are in a well-lit room, even when they are not asleep. Babies are sensitive to light until they are about six months old and the level of acuity rises from 1/20 when newborn to 2/10 at six months. Once an infant reaches the age of one year, they have complete vision. 

The role of light to the development of the visual function

Scientists know that light is essential to visual performance and visual development in babies. The signals that light sends to the brain are converted to information that influences the growth of neural connections.

Is there good and bad light?

The effects of newer lighting are still not known to us but there is concern about blue spectrum lighting. In experiments conducted recently the retina of rodents showed signs of damage. So far, the hypothesis goes that the damage could take a lifetime to form in humans from blue wavelengths otherwise we would all be blind. The ocular media of babies are permeable to UV and blue light, but the retinal physiology in babies is strong. 

What are the dangers of not wearing baby sunglasses? 

Baby sunglasses will protect your baby’s eyes from the damages of the harmful effects of UV light and from the bright sun rays. Ophthalmologists strongly advise parents to buy sunglasses for babies from an early age and to make sure that they wear them when outdoors. 

The internal tissue of the eye is delicate and can easily be damaged by intense sunlight, doctors warn. Baby sunglasses also help to protect the delicate skin of the eyelids from sunburn, an area where it’s usually very difficult to apply sunblock because it causes irritation and discomfort for babies. 

Which parts of the eyes do infant sunglasses protect? 

Internally the eye consists of the iris, lens, and retina – the most sensitive part of the eye. These can all be protected if you purchase good-quality infant sunglasses and encourage your baby to wear them when you are outside. 

Short-wavelength light can easily reach the retina in children’s eyes because the cornea, lens, and fluids are clearer than they are in adults, allowing easier penetration. The eyes of young children can transmit 70% more UV rays than those of adults. 

The result of this penetration is seen many years later with the appearance of cataracts and another abnormal growth on or around the eye known as macular degeneration. According to ophthalmologists, 80% of UV damage to the human eye is caused by the age of 18.

Since children and teenagers typically spend more time outdoors than their parents, they are more susceptible to the damaging sun’s UV rays. Studies have shown that less than one in three parents provide sunglasses for their babies and toddlers, whereas they would all ensure that their children never leave the house without sunblock. 

The importance of a good pair of sunglasses for children

Ophthalmologists say that that parents of all children under the age of 10 should ensure that they always wear sunglasses when they are exposed to strong sunshine. However, they should be careful to buy good sunglasses because not all lenses offer the same protection. 

Cheaper sunglasses will probably not block out the dangerous UV rays. You need to specifically look for lenses that give maximum protections and block out 100% of the sun’s UVA and UVB rays. Lightweight polycarbonate lenses are ideal because they are comfortable and are not so likely to break during rough play. 

If your baby tends to grab his sunglasses off at every possible chance that he gets, then a strap that holds them in place is a good solution. However, this must not be too tight, otherwise, it will bother him. 

How else to protect your baby from the sun’s rays? 

If you are taking your baby outside you can offer extra protection with a wide-brimmed hat to protect his face. 

Choosing the right baby sunglasses

Finding quality sunglasses for babies, toddlers, and children that are affordable is difficult. COCOSAND has a wide selection of babies and kids’ sunglasses. Their exciting range is divided into sections so that you can shop the correct size by age. 

Baby or infant sunglasses

The unique designs of the affordable baby sunglasses in this range include a neoprene strap with a circumference of 15-17 inches to perfectly and comfortably fit the head of an infant. The lenses block out 100% of the UVA and UVB rays, offering full protection. 

The infant sunglasses are made from non-toxic materials and are also 100% BPA free with a shatter-resistant frame and lenses. 

Younger toddler sunglasses

For toddlers, aged between 1 and 2 COCOSAND has an exciting range of navigator shades that are perfect for girls, boys, and unisex choices. The range is super trendy and unique. The toddler sunglasses all come with an elastic band for a comfortable fit. These shades offer affordability and high strength; after all, toddlers are rougher than infants. Their lenses block out 100% of the UVA and UVB rays. 

Older toddler sunglasses 

Between the ages 2 to 4, your toddler starts showing a streak of independence and they usually want to choose their own frames. COCOSANS’s navigator range has plenty of choices for toddlers who want to stand out, while they still offer a comfortable fit. The frames are made from high quality, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly materials and have 100% UVA and UVB blocking lenses. Their design and strength offer great value for your money and they are very affordable. 

Kids sunglasses

By the age of 4+, your child will be spending more time than ever outdoors in the sun. COCOSAND’s navigator range extends to this age group in a variety of colors and sleek design. Your kid will look incredible in these unique shades that offer maximum protection from the harmful UV rays. They are both lightweight while offering the perfect fit and they are made from the highest quality materials. 

Check out COCOSAND and find out how to get your baby sunglasses delivered to your home within a few days. 

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