7 Easy and Simple Outdoor Activities for Your Infant

Infants love to be outdoors, and the benefits that they can reap from nature are plenty. One of the most important benefits of getting infants outdoor are the great learning experiences that are offered. Incorporate exciting outings into your daily activities and make sure that your infant is prepared by making sure that he is well-equipped. Hats and infant sunglasses are as important as a highly protective baby sunscreen lotion. 

1. Take to the water

Get your infant used to swimming and playing in the water from as early as the weather permits. If you don’t have a pool or sea nearby, let them splash their hands and feet in bowls of water or a plastic garden pool. No need to buy expensive accessories here, just keep a close watch on your infant and make sure he is protected from the harsh effects of the sun with all the right protective gear, including a pair of baby sunglasses. 

2. Life is a picnic

If you have just started feeding your baby solids, take the whole experience outdoors by organizing a picnic in your garden or nearby park. Take a blanket with and if your baby is still not sitting on his own take a high chair or a sit-me-up floor style seat with a tray. One of the added advantages of having a picnic is that you won’t need to scrub your eating area clean from the mess your baby will create as he experiences the great new tastes you are introducing. 

3. Take a walk or hike

Walking and hiking are activities that you can start from the moment that your baby is born and continue until whatever age they are still willing to come with you. Whether you hold your infant in your arms, push him in the baby stroller or place him in a safe baby pouch, the activity will calm them and be highly beneficial to you both. Protect his sensitive skin, especially on his head and face with a hat that stays on and a pair of baby sunglasses with an adjustable strap for an excellent fit. An outstanding choice is these gorgeous ones from Cocosand with their 100% UVA and UVB protective lenses. 

4. Move your routine outside

Most everyday activities can be moved outdoors when the weather is good. Lay a blanket on the lawn and let your baby enjoy some tummy time with his favorite toys. You can also nurse your baby outside, read their favorite book to them or let them have their afternoon nap while you catch up with your reading. 

As your baby practices walking, the outdoors offers a softer cushion and less sharp edges to cushion their falls. 

5. Awaken an infant’s senses 

Sensory play is important for your infant’s development because it allows them to stimulate their senses. As they crawl on the lawn allow them to pull at the grass, pick up leaves, feel the sand, and pick up sticks, rocks and rub their hands and feet in the mud. These are all new and exciting materials to them that feel different from their toys. Just don’t let your baby think these are his next meal! They may get dirty while playing like this, but nothing that a bath won’t correct. 

6. Help develop your infants motor skills

Developing your infant’s motor skills with toys in your home is great, but there is nothing equal to giving them some free time to explore the playground near you. Try and frequent playgrounds when there are no older children around and let your baby pull and climb as he explores. Playgrounds usually offer a lot of shade but always make sure that baby is wearing kids’ sunglasses and a hat for extra protection from the sun’s glare. 

7. Balls and bubbles make the best toys

Playing with a ball is one activity that most fathers love to supervise. Offer them a variety of balls in all shapes and sizes and let them push them around and bounce them outside where they cannot wreak havoc. Balls are fantastic in helping develop their gross and finer motor skills. 

Bubbles are one of the cheapest ways to entertain an infant. Make your own mixture or buy a ready prepared one and be ready for a lot of blowing while your baby giggles and tries to reach for them. 

No matter where you go if you are outdoors you are offering your infant a whole world of learning experiences. Make sure to have a pair of baby sunglasses at the ready from Cocosand, these are available for every stage of their development and enjoy your outdoor adventures together. 

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